About Us

Web Copy Services embarks on the sole mission on the earth - to produce more than mere words on a page.

That’s because we are more than just copywriters. We’ll flawlessly combine copywriting, sales psychology, web architecture, usability and conversion rate optimization to skyrocket your online business.

Why? Because your online presence depends on words that sell. You may pump money into AdWords, Facebook ads or print out flashy brochures to get customers, but you need to realise that…


Without some hard-hitting, cash-magnet copywriting, your product, your site, or whatever else you're trying to push just won't get noticed.


Bottom line, no matter how fancy your site is, the only sure-fire way to truly communicate your value proposition, engage with your visitors and sell your stuff is copywriting.

It’s not just words scatter all over the page. The headline, subheadline, body text, microcopy, product copy have to be placed in their respective section.

Not to mention the insane hours of research, messaging strategy, writing and editing to come up with the hot sizzling copy delivered for different markets.

And that's what I do.


Meet your perfect copywriter


My name is Zafifi Ideris, and I’m the founder of Web Copy Services. A reluctant chemist-turn-copywriter who transmutes big ideas into compelling copy.

Since 2011, I have crafted copy for several SMEs and business owners, ranged from health and beauty industry, professional services and startups.

I'm also a Certified Content Marketing Specialist from Digital Marketer. This certification qualifies me to turn any website or blog into a money-making machine with content marketing strategy.

Even more, my wide-range knowledge in direct response copywriting, sales psychology, web architecture, usability and conversion rate optimization help my clients get more customers and better sales.


How can I help you?


Writing for online is different, and not many copywriters have this experience. By combining my experience as an Internet marketer and copywriter, you get more value for your business.

If you need copy that makes you dancing all day in the office (which means tons of leads and sales), I'm glad to help.

If you want to get in touch with me, shoot me an email zafifi@webcopyservices.com


Zafifi Ideris Copywriter Malaysia

Zafifi Ideris