The Rules That Freelance Copywriters in Malaysia Follow and Break Some

What makes a great copywriter? Just anyone who knows how to proofread? Of course not. You could be the most compelling offline copywriter, but you can still fail on the web. You could write print ads like a mofo but you stumble to write for websites. The difference is that copywriters in Malaysia know to…

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What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Web Copywriter

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The right copywriter can help you take your business to the next level. If you are putting together text-based marketing material including a website, online sales letter, email, landing page, e-commerce website or social media content, a web copywriter who knows the business of selling can really give you a leg up on the competition.…

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What You Need To Know About Web Analytics?

Image credit It is typical for any business to do some data analysis. Data analysis is used to determine sales, profit, loss rate, and market interest. However, in terms of establishing a strong online presence for your website, there is one tool that you could used in order to collect necessary data that you would…

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Content Writing For Your Website’s Audience

What do you know about your website’s audience? How well do you understand them? As with any communications medium, the web requires authors to have a good understanding about those with whom they wish to communicate. Content writing can be one of the most difficult parts of search engine marketing. You need to write to…

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Creating A Website That Sells – How To Keep And Convert Visitors

  Image credit Designing a good sales website can be the difference between losing a visitor and making a sale. You’ve got ten seconds to capture a visitor’s attention and convince them to stay — that’s how long it takes the average user to decide to keep reading, or move on. So, how you can…

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