The Ultimate Guide To Writing Compelling Website Home Page

Understand this; poor home page copy = poor sales or leads. Although there are other factors come into the mix, a clear and convincing copy is the uppermost priority that leads to conversion. Why? Because all the delightful things come from a home page. It receives visitors from a number of places; they might come…

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The great copywriting hoax everyone believes

  It is too pervasive that great copywriting messages are all come from your head. It is the same line that people especially business owners or even marketers believe that because they created the product or service, they know best what the message should be. It’s terrible. People have been lying to you for ages.…

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3 Reasons Why The Copy I Hate Bring Profits

Every copywriter’s nightmare. We write beautiful copy for a client, who takes one look and says, “You can’t be serious! This is too sales-y…or too simple…or too different…” And I’m reminded of the days when I just started as a copywriter. Looking back, I must have been training for what I do now. I had lots…

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The Rules That Freelance Copywriters in Malaysia Follow and Break Some

What makes a great copywriter? Just anyone who knows how to proofread? Of course not. You could be the most compelling offline copywriter, but you can still fail on the web. You could write print ads like a mofo but you stumble to write for websites. The difference is that copywriters in Malaysia know to…

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What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Web Copywriter

copywriting malaysia

The right copywriter can help you take your business to the next level. If you are putting together text-based marketing material including a website, online sales letter, email, landing page, e-commerce website or social media content, a web copywriter who knows the business of selling can really give you a leg up on the competition.…

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